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The Funk


by djezi

Released 2006
Dealer's Choice Sound Recordings
Released 2006
Dealer's Choice Sound Recordings
Chilled out. Funked up. Electronic. Hip-hop. Your next favorite album.
DJEZI's second effort, 'Day', is less a follow up to 'this is a test', than a continued expansion of musical ideas he explored on his debut. If that description was too obtuse, let me put it this way: If 'this is a test' was your favorite record for a month, 'Day' is going to take over your year. It's like that.

Hip-hop, trip-hop, uptempo and downtempo electronic, and a couple genres in between. It's all here. 'Day' begins with the slow acoustic flavor of the title track, then bangs you across the temple with the electronic big beat of 'Refractor'. 'Schoolhouse Funk' brings the, well, funk. 'Phenom' follows that up with uptempo melodic goodness.

Then, things get ill. Rachmaninov meets Mr. Dynamite on, 'Piano Concerto #3 in Dm'. DJEZI pays homage to Kraftwerk, Imaginarry Johnny, and The Yacht Club of Bethesda's Tommy Curtis with 'Interpol', 'Dig Dub', and 'Tommy the Matchmaker'; respectively.

The rollercoaster nears the turnstile with the shade-tree vibe of 'Mmmmhmmm'. You might find 'Day (quiet)' to be your new slow-tape gem. Finally, 'Home Away From Home' is where it begins and (in this case) ends. With hip-hop.

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