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djezi: The Funk

The Beastie Suite Project (2004-2012)

Shake Your Rump (Black Version)

So What'cha Want (djezi's requisition)

(djezi, Ad Rock, MCA, & Mike D)
February 2, 2010
Lyrics: Mike D, MCA, Ad Rock///Music: djezi

Body Movin' (in 3 movements)

The Brouhaha (djezi's hubbub)

Ch-Check it Out (djezi's Caracas Mardi Gras Mix)

Intergalactic, Super, Disco, Breakin' (percussion by Interplanet Janet and the Galaxy Girls)

Looking Down the Barrel of a Gun (djezi's sidearm)

Stop That Train (Silver Streak)

Triple Trouble (obviously)

We Got The (djezi's freak freak)

3 the hard way (the 3 way)

Too Many Rappers (MCA in the Sky)