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Gems v5.0 - Some of the best of 2011

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1's and 2's - DJEZI


Sorry about not following through on my "holiday release schedule", guys.  Here's a mixtape to (sort of) make up for it.


Some of the Best of 2011


Mixed by DJEZI

(*Apologia*: I hadn't practiced in a month, I had to keep it down as not to disturb my neighbors, and I need a new mixer.  So there's that. It didn't turn out too bad, but I'm saying' though...)


"Possibility" - The Roots

"Goblin" - Tyler, The Creator

"Rush Hour Traffic" - The Cool Kids

"Let My People Go" - Pharoahe Monche

"Celebrate" - Common

"Gyrlz, They Love Me - Heavy D and the Boyz

"Ready, Set, Go" - Killer Mike w/Big Boi

"Victory Laps" - MF DOOM w/Ghostface

"Break" - Childish Gambino

"Sweet" - Common

"Niggas in Poorest" - Mos Def

"You See Me" - Childish Gambino

"Say It" - Beastie Boys

"We All Try" - Frank Ocean

"Finality" - The Roots